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Celgard® 2500 Hand Sample

Celgard® 2500 Hand Sample

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10 inches by 116 inches ± 8.5 inches (8 ft² ± 0.6 ft²   ;   0.75 m² ± 0.05 m²)

25 μm Microporous Monolayer Membrane (PP)

Primary Applications
Typically used in Electric Drive Vehicles (EDV) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Product Features
•Excellent resistance to acids, bases and most chemicals
•Uniform pore structure with high chemical and thermal stability
•Oxidation resistance for excellent cycling & trickle charge performance
•PE inner layer provides high-speed shutdown
•Zero TD shrinkage reduces internal shorting and improves high-temperature dimensional stability
•Low electrical impedance and high porosity for excellent high-rate performance


Technical Data (Typical Properties)*

Property Unit of Measure Typical Value
Thickness µm 25
Gurley (JIS) Seconds 200
Porosity (Calculated) % 55
TD Shrinkage @ TD Shrinkage @ 105º C / 1 Hour % 0
MD Shrinkage @ 105º C / 1 Hour % 2.97
TD Tensile Strength Kg/cm² 135
MD Tensile Strength Kg/cm² 1055
Puncture Strength Grams Force 335