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Celgard® 2325 Hand Sample

Celgard® 2325 Hand Sample

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10 inches by 116 inches ± 8.5 inches (8 ft² ± 0.6 ft²   ;   0.75 m² ± 0.05 m²)

25 μm Microporous Trilayer Membrane (PP/PE/PP)

Primary Applications
Lithium Battery Systems - typically used for optimal energy performance

Product Features
•Excellent resistance to acids, bases and most chemicals
•Uniform pore structure with high chemical and thermal stability
•Oxidation resistance for excellent cycling & trickle charge performance
•PE inner layer provides high-speed shutdown
•Zero TD shrinkage reduces internal shorting and improves high-temperature dimensional stability

Technical Data (Typical Properties)*

Property Unit of Measure Typical Value
Thickness µm 25
Gurley (JIS) Seconds 620
Porosity (Calculated) % 39
TD Shrinkage @ TD Shrinkage @ 105º C / 1 Hour % 0
MD Shrinkage @ 105º C / 1 Hour % 2.21
TD Tensile Strength Kg/cm² 150
MD Tensile Strength Kg/cm² 1700
Puncture Strength Grams Force 380